Natural Hair Inspires Confidence – Yes! Your Natural Hair is beautiful!

image As a Loctician and Natural Hair stylist, I’ve had the pleasure to meet so many women who want to go Natural.  Or even better, I meet the “already Natural” sisters; these “already Natural” ladies are stuck in the “what do I do now” phase.  Instead of embracing their hair in its natural state, they complain… my hair is too thin, too short or too gray.  Oh and my personal favorite, “combing my hair ain’t nothing nice!”  No matter what, their hair is not good enough.   I’ve grown to realize that we’ve become conditioned to believing that ultimate hair beauty can be achieved with some cash and a quick trip to the beauty supply store.  Also, we are trained to use tools that don’t support and are not made for ethnic hair types.  While practicing as Loctician and Natural stylist, I’ve grown to realize that wearing your Natural Hair inspires one of life’s greatest lessons…..CONFIDENCE!    So to my potential Natural sisters and my “already Natural” sisters , please joining me in claiming….. my natural beauty is good enough!   If you need some advice, please seek out your friendly neighborhood natural stylist.  Often, you will find these stylists are so creative.  Just yesterday, I recommended three different hairstyle options to a client sporting a short afro. Move forward in confidence!  Seek out a professional and always know,  Yes! your Natural hair is beautiful! 

lphoto MC Crawford