Donielle Philpott is a natural hair care stylist who specializes in creating clean, manicured locs.  Under the tutelage of barber and master loctition Octavia Hooks, Donielle has acquired knowledge of creating custom locs and using natural ingredients to care for them.  Her personal goal is to bring back the days when African American's had pride in their Black hair - whatever the texture. An environmentalist at heart, she also contributes to the green initiatives at Octavia's Natural Hair Care Experience. When she is not "loc-ing" she is also banker, mother, wife and small business owner. 


My name is Romell Wilburn.  I am the Operational Manager and Urban Gardner. I believe that change is constant; green sustainability is the future of our society. Since change is inevitable why not change by being a tool for the green movement.  We can evolve into a healthy society that is good for bodies and our planet.