Consider these 5 tips when selecting your Natural Hair Stylist.

Lifestyle tee You did it!  You are natural.  Going natural is a big change.  As you travel along your hair journey, you will discover one of your biggest challenges is finding a natural stylist who advocates and supports you through your hair transition.

One of the greatest benefits to going natural is the ability to do it yourself, (DIY).   DIY hair is great, but it comes with a new set of challenges.  As a natural stylist, I hear so many issues:

  • My hair is dry. What do I do for moisture?
  • Why is my hair breaking?
  • What are the right products for my hair type?
  • Help! I’ve been flat-ironing my hair.  Now, my hair texture is different and doesn’t bounce back.

So the perplexed naturals instinctively begin to seek out a natural stylist.  But that’s precisely where you get stuck!  Which stylist is best for me?

If you are in this dilemma, I hope my blog will inspire clarity and support you in finding the right stylist. So today, I’d like to share what I learned along my journey in remaining an informed, licensed natural stylist.

There are many talented, licensed stylists working today.  These professionals are trained to keep your hair healthy usually specialize in their preferred technique.   Pay attention my friends, the underlined sentence is loaded; the key phrase is “their preferred technique.”   What do I mean?  Let me give you an example.   A sew-in expert is good at sew-ins and perm expert is great with perming.  You feel me now?  Moreover, the natural hair industry is booming.  A business savvy stylist will say they service natural hair, but won’t necessary have an affinity for natural hair.  Thus, I recommend you ask your prospect stylist, what are your specialty services?   After all, you are paying for these services; so specialization is important!  In addition, I want to share some observations I’ve made while networking in the natural hair industry.  I’ve noticed that natural stylists are like-minded individuals who tend to have the following characteristics:

  • They have a strong sense of African and African American cultural pride.
  • They have a strong commitment to natural hair.  Ie: They are usually rocking a natural hair style.
  • They are attracted to natural hair products.  But most tend to mix natural and store bought products; a good stylist knows product knowledge is science!   The super natural stylists create their own product lines.
  • They are familiar with, support and attend the natural hair networks and conferences.
  • And most important, they will NEVER discourage you from wearing your natural hair!

To this end, I hope you find these tips helpful. If you are in my area, call me for a consultation.

I wish you the best on your natural hair journey. Always know Natural is not a trend.  It’s a lifestyle.  I love this saying so much that I’ve trademarked a cool tee and sell in my salon.   If you like my blog, then please share it. Be well and have a Holiday weekend.