On July 27th, I was honored with the opportunity to share my business update with the Delta Institute’s Emerging Leaders board via the event, 6th annual Green Soap Box: Stories from sustainable business Heroes.  

I really enjoy speaking with folks who ask, what’s going on with the business development side of Octavia’s Natural Hair Care Experience.  It’s a fantastic feeling because I can vibe with the energy of people who care and understand the salon’s mission.   In case you didn’t know, the mission of Octavia’s Natural Hair Care Experience is to promote and provide services that stimulate the vitality of naturally textured hair while inspiring change in the community by advocating for a Go-Green lifestyle. 


The salon’s current goal is to reclaim an environmentally hazardous, old and vacant gas station and transform the lot into a hair salon with an urban farm and green technology.  To do this, I am working to acquire a vacant gas station building in Chicago’s Southland area, near the village of Hazel Crest or Country Club Hills, IL.





My progress for securing the brownfield property has been slow.  I’ve reached out to the Chicago Land Bank.  However, my “ideal” salon location has a substantial amount of tax liens.  In short, a multitude of conversations and behind the scenes paper work must be completed to secure my ideal property location. 

And a little over a week ago, I took a moment to meet with the South Suburban land bank.  During this meeting, I received helpful tips that will support my process for securing my ideal salon location; two of which include: a few amendments to my business plan and confirming a few Angel Venture Capitalists for my building renovation project.  In addition, I reviewed a list of the available properties in the South Suburban area.   


I must secure meetings with local like-minded organizations, South Suburban Metropolitan Education Consortium and Moraine Valley Community College, to discuss collaboration opportunities and continue to raise money to fund the building restoration project.  Recently, I submitted an application for South Side Pitch completion to secure addition funds for my venture.  To learn more visit,    (Wish me luck and check back to review more updates on my green business salon.)  


If you are interested in scheduling a natural hair care appointment, please call 708-574-1462.  Or if you know of others who are interested in natural hair care, please encourage them to sign up for my newsletter.