It’s the season to start locking your natural hair. Are you ready to take the plunge?

WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK?       When I first thought of wearing locks, I knew I would not be attractive. I don’t know why I thought I would not look ‘right’ in locks.  Looking back, my thoughts were absurd.  How could I not look ‘right’ with own hair?  Today, I realize my hair perceptions were caught up in the highly televised mainstream image of beauty.  However during the rise of Natural Hair, what’s holding you back?  Are you concerned about what your mother, cousin, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or husband will say?   Are you afraid of the so-called “ugly stage”? In the end, what will anyone really do to you?  Are you afraid of another person’s perception of you?  Does it really matter?  What’s the worst that can happen?   Do you think you won’t get a job?

Some people say hair is hair.  I think they are wrong.   Locks are more than a hairstyle.  Locks are a lifestyle.  Locks represent a new mind and lifestyle freedom.  Do you want to work out more? But you can’t….because of your hair?  Do your run for shelter in the rain?  Do you let your hair stop you from doing what you enjoy the most? Do you say, “I don’t want to sweat out my hair?”  If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then your hair limits you.

Lifestyle tee

Lifestyle tee


My natural hair salon is a place where stories are told, where visions materialize and where values pervade decisions.  My salon is a place folks go when they want to feel better and look better.  It’s also a place for planning community change.

Earth day 2013 Group small Photo

Earth day 2013 Group small Photo

These days, you see lock wearers who are successful superstars, entrepreneurs and gainfully employed. Yes, lock wearers have illustrious hair and rock elaborate hair styles.  Yes, they look great.  However, I want to share how wearing locks has impacted so many people.

I want to share some wisdom I learned along my natural hair journey.

Lock wearers typically don’t subscribe to the mainstream beauty images.  They tend to be an eclectic group of folks who think outside-the-box.  In the salon, we have conversations from branding careers identities to childrearing and women leading in workplace.  My clients are PhD candidates, creative graphic designers, loving homemakers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, fiercely independent thinking grammar school children and undergraduate college students.  These hard working folks put in long work hours, nurture their children, contribute to their communities, study hard and adore their families.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all lock wearers are perfect.  There are good and bad seeds everywhere.  However, I am proudly stating that lock wearers inspire my world everyday!  Truly, they are beautiful and successful with their own hair.

Did you know, lock wearers tend to make the following comments:

  •              My locks make me feel FREE!  I have Freedom!
  • ·            I want to be a good role model for my children.
  • ·            I don’t want chemicals in my hair.
  • ·            I want to grow my hair.
  • ·            I want my locks to look good.
  • ·            I want healthy hair.
  • ·            I need a lifestyle change.
  • ·            I am too busy. I lead an active lifestyle.  My hair must fit my life.
  • ·            I thought I would not have versatile hair.  I was dead wrong!
  • ·            I don’t know what took me so long to get my locks? Locks are the best.

Don’t’ let negative thoughts limit you from locking your hair.

Invest in yourself and start your locks today!

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Earth Day 4.22.12 (87 of 151)

Earth Day 4.22.12 (87 of 151)

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