What happened with the business pitch contest? PowerMoves

Thank you so much for your supportive likes and comments cheering me on during the PowerMoves Miami business pitch competition!  Every notification felt like a gentle and supportive pat on the back.  

Since you were there with me, I want to share  my business pitch update with you.

First and foremost, Miami Beach, FL and the famous Fountainbleu Hotel are simply beautiful.  My mind was racing! "Let's get my business moving forward; I gotta increase my revenue because I AM coming back!"

The PowerMoves pitch competition was an empowering and  motivational experience.  I recieved a great honor; PowerMoves hand-picked me to share ideas, get information, network and learn the ropes for pitching my business to venture capitalists.  I was schooled on financial metrics, the power of presentation and the entrepreneurial philosophy of layering your business foundation as best as YOU can; one layer at a time.  

Unfortunately, I didn't win the business pitch contest. It's all good!   Why?  Simply stated, I am confident that I walked away with some SERIOUS TOOLS for future success!.  For you see, I delivered a flawless and deeply passionate business pitch presentation; the audience laughed and cheered me on!  Yes, I gave it all I got! 

Even though I didn't win, I am so deeply grateful because I feel more empowered than ever before.  

Thanks to PowerMoves, I have great key points for updating my pitch, new resource tools for evaluating and forecasting my business plans, and some super new friends; people I know you will be reading about in the near future.  

By the way, I have a fun fact: the stage that I spoke on was the same stage that Whitney Houston belted out the song, I have nothing, in the film, Bodyguard.

If you are interested in learning more about the PoweMoves, please visit the website www.powermovesnola.org  





3 helpful maintenance tips to combat the winter Natural Hair blues!

It’s cold in Chicago! One day, it’s bitter cold. The next day, it’s snow.   On Facebook, my friend wrote: I don’t wanna to see another FLAKE; and I mean no flakes; corn flake, frosted flake and snow flake!!  LOL

Ah yes, the harsh winter weather surely influences attitude, work life and outdoor activity.   But also, the extreme weather impacts hair!

These days, clients are complaining about dry, lackluster hair.  Many are experiencing dry scalp, thinning hair, dull hair and dandruff.     If you fall into these categories, then this message is for you.

Today, I am motivated to share my 3 best natural remedy tips for combating winter hair:

1)      Try an organic herbaceous, Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.   Apple Cider Vinegar is beneficial for thinning hair, helps with dandruff, stimulates scalp, conditions and aids in shine. {My clients love my custom Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. My blend takes away the pungent vinegar smell.}

Octavia's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
Octavia's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

2)      STEAM, STEAM and STEAM!  Please give your hair steam treatments.   The steam allows conditioners to deeply penetrate the hair; which yields some very fantastic results.  If you don’t have a steamer at home, then consider visiting a stylist who offers steam treatments.  (Helpful hint: Step 1: shampoo, Step 2: apply the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse and Step 3: give yourself a steam treatment.)

3)      Don’t skip the Hot Oil Treatment!   My personal hair care maintenance includes monthly hot oil treatments.  {I personally hand-craft, organic olive oil and other essential oils to create my in-house specialty, Octavia’s Boss Blend.  It’s the perfect seal to lock in moisture after the intense vinegar and steam treatments.

Octavia's Boss Blend
Octavia's Boss Blend

Lastly, I must communicate that the natural remedy hair approach takes time!  To ensure hair healthy, the above listed treatments must be done routinely.   Yes, you will notice a difference after the first treatment.  However, you will continue to notice improvements with time.  To this end, you must be patient.

Now, you know why my hair shines!


I hope these tips aid you along your natural hair journey. If you have any additional questions, always feel free to inbox me on Facebook:   Octavia Cuts Locks Hooks or Twitter @lockartisan.

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Transform your natural hair color, organically! Try Henna today! (VIDEO)

Watch Natural Hair colored with Henna As a natural hair stylist, I feel compelled to offer good, caring customer service.  During my client consultations, I am asked about coloring hair.  The common hair color questions are  1) when to color your hair? 2) how to color your hair? and 3)  what are the best products for coloring your hair?   In this way, we begin hair color consultations.  First, I analyze the client’s hair; IE, Is the hair dry?  Is the hair strong?

During these careful hair evaluations, I discover that some clients are not good candidates for chemical hair dyes.   Also, I meet clients who have no desire to alter their natural hair with chemicals.   Because of these conversations, I want to empower natural hair enthusiasts to consider henna.

What is Henna? Henna is a plant.  Henna Dye is made by drying, milling, and sifting the leaves. The dry powder is mixed with lemon juice, strong tea, or other mildly acidic liquids to make a preparation with toothpaste-like consistency.  When applied to hair and skin, henna will create a color stain.

As a prospect henna user, you should know the following:

  • Henna color highlights your existing hair color, casts color shadows and is stimulated by sunlight; the color effects last up to 30 days
  • Henna is a natural conditioner.  It helps with hair strengthening and aids in shine
  • Organic henna color is red.  There are henna product lines that offer colors other than red, but these products will contain some additional chemicals to achieve a desired color.

What to expect from Henna?

I’ve artfully applied henna to many clients.  As a result, I’ve seen the hair color variations produced by henna.  {Check out the VIDEO}  Ultimately, the most noteworthy results I’ve witnessed from my henna clients are stronger, shiner and overall healthier hairs!     I hope you are empowered to try henna today.  Call me for a consultation. As always, please like and share the blog!.  My very best, Octavia